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welcome to yuki's lj
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but i'll be putting notes, character essays and whatever word vomit i make.
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Yuki Talks: OCs

eliupperName: Fiore Eliot 
Nickname: Eli
Age: 17

I've had a lot of OCs over the years but I think Eli is one of my favorites. He was first made for a RP group in deviantart that had a more AiW-historical setting and while I enjoyed the group very much I sort of just lost the drawing muse for it.

Eli's concept was originally born from my love of the Elliot/Leo ship from Pandora Hearts. I went with the thought, "what if Elliot and Leo had a child, what would he look like?"

The initial design for him was easy but creating his personality was harder than I anticipated. At first I simply wanted him to be Elliot and Leo's lovechild but so I did my best trying to blend personalities from those two together. Only I did so many revisions because I couldn't keep it in character and because Eli was simply gaining his own personality.

After I lost my drawing muse for the group, I took a break from Eli but he still held a special place in my heart because I really liked his design and his budding personality is really just adorable. So after a long while I had the urge to put him in a school setting and redid his design a bit and tweak his personality. I really wish I can roleplay with him more because I just honestly love him.


The first to come was the nickname. "Eli" is his preferred name mostly because he has issues with his name. Fiore, while sounding like a girl's name is actually a unisex name that means "little flower". At first it was a play on Eli's first intended occupation of a herbalist and because his family was into the different uses of plants. The fact that it seems like it's for a girl is also intended because Eli has very effeminate features to the point that many would mistake him for a girl and he absolutely hates that.

Eliot is a tribute to my favorite Pandora Hearts character from which half of Eli's design comes from. 

So far he doesn't let anyone call him by his actual name except his mother(who actually calls him Fifi). In his original RP group, no one is allowed to call him Fiore.


Eli is the responsible type and is more likely the party pooper of any too boisterous group. He has a mother hen personality when it comes to people he cares for and in general children and can't really resist helping others in trouble. He can be fairly strict on himself and others especially when there are tasks to be done. He's reliable and often polite. He sticks to his beliefs and can be very stubborn if he thinks he's right. Eli is rarely violent and can control his temper well enough but once he snaps, his personality turns a hundred-eighty degrees. 
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once again i try to come back to lj

currently this and my welcome banner are the only visible posts in both friends and public. i decided to lock my old posts since i didn't want to delete them but woah shit they are embarrassing to read back to. i like this journal and i'm too lazy to create a new one and join all my old communities again so i figured i'd just hide them instead and try to start fresh.

hopefully changing the layout and cleaning this lj will make me want to use it again.
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OMG! Today's...

    Okay so today's eighteen. Today's December 18...

It's my birthday!!! YEA!

Anyways I'm suppose to go to school for our Centennial closing so I woke up to text messages saying happy birthday to me... I smiled and threw my phone away*I'm so affectionate* and went on the computer to at least post one reply on one of my forums before going to school.

So ...type...type...type. Mum fixing herself on her vanity table. And then I was done. I browsed the forum for something new and when I came to the bottom I saw my name under "Congratulation and Happy Birthday" and the (15) beside it. And I was like.



Shout with complementary victory sign: Oh Yea! It's my BIRTHDAY!

Mum looks at me in a weird way.
And I tell her I'm Fifteen and it's my birthday...

It was like it just sank in that it was actually my birthday today since I'm celebrating tomorrow...more convenient. heh....

Anyways It's my birthday...my birthday...my birthday...birthday...my birthday...my birthday*sings another round of it's my birthday, again and again and again*